You are now in the basic strategy page of this site. Here, you will be introduced to some strategies that you can use to play with confidence and beat the odds in blackjack. This will in turn cut the house edge by 2%.

Compared to other games like baccarat, there are a number of choices that you can employ when doing blackjack. This means strategies are critical. Here are some of the things that you have to use and implement.

  • Hitting and Standing

    In this rule, it is necessary to check the exposed card of the dealer and not your card when processing a strategy. If you have a low hand, you should not always get a card. The case is that the dealer could also have a low value hand that can be bust. In this case, you can either stand or hit.

  • Splitting Pairs

    If you are given an ace, you have a soft hand. The ace can determine if you need to hit because you can change its value to 1 or 11. It would be a risk to hit on soft hand.

  • Doubling Down

    If you want greater winning opportunities, if you have a strong hand, you need to do something like offsetting the advantage that the house has. Depending on the casino, there will be unique aspects on the kinds of hands that you could double down. You can either double down or not.

  • Taking Insurance

    There are some unique differences here. You might want to not double down on most aspects and just stand by your hand.

  • Surrendering

    In the case of splitting pairs, it is quite necessary since it can increase the odds of winning so you have to know when to split. Almost all casinos allow such a move. Just do not forget that you should not split the number 5 or 10. You can split the ace and the number 8.