MIT Blackjack Team: could blackjack be profitable?

MIT Blackjack Team is a group of talented students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Harvard University who exploited card counting strategies mostly and some other playing techniques while gambling blackjack in order to hit casinos all over the world.

What is MIT Blackjack Team?

Those guys had been taking their actions during 1990's and for some comparably short time about several years managed to win several millions in Las Vegas casinos generally. There is no common agreement how much they actually had won but some experts access their winnings to be approximately $4 000 000.

The beginning

It is considered that MIT Blackjack Team included the cleverest and most prospective engineers and mathematicians, who were smart enough to work out a superior playing strategy in blackjack. It may be surprisingly, but Team's participants did not aim to develop some kind of universal algorithm that allowed to win blackjack constantly. As usual students often do, they just gathered together to have fun, communicate and play casino blackjack in the evenings while somebody of them was stroked with an idea to challenge them trying to beat the house edge in long run.

Strategies and tricks

They applied their knowledge in probability theory, adapted them for blackjack game background and managed to create a perfect counting technique. As it has been pointed several times before, blackjack is a game of skill mainly and the role of luck is not so important for players' results. As soon as MIT Blackjack Team's members recognized this fact, they trained and got their playing strategies down to a fine art.

They started as usual blackjack players begin - from learning various blackjack variations and their rules as well as special features by heart, continued with training and further perfecting their skills firstly in usingblackjack basic strategy and then, in card counting. MIT Blackjack Team were the first who exploited such playing methods as 'Ace Tracking' and 'Shuffle Tracking', which allowed them to boost the odds incredibly high.

Besides all training concerning blackjack skills, MIT Blackjack Team also took care about the possibility of being caught in cheating. Therefore, they created a fake image for the members of their group, which could be described as solid middle-age white gentleman. In reality the group included a lot of dark skin men and even women, which would never been suspected of cheating by casino's securities.

Of course, Rome was not built in a day and it took a lot of time before they tried their knowledge and practical skills at luxurious tables of best Las Vegas casino but the huge winnings were really worth such thorough and careful work.