Blackjack Card Counter

The blackjack counter, a popular drillmaster program, was created in order to help players learn counting techniques and advanced methods of implementation. It is full of amazing features that are all professional level but it is also good for beginners who want to start card counting. There are a number of card counting systems and you can even include your favorite. The program includes checks for bet sizes, count downs, true counts and index tests.

There are pre-programmed systems included. You can also check the indexes for strategies. There are also drill modes that you can configure so that you can check your strategies. There is also a mode called powerful count for countdown tests. There are so many things that a budding card counter can learn on this innovative program for professionals and would-be's.

Fantastic features

The program is full of amazing features that will get you hooked to playing and excelling in blackjack. The great thing about this program is that there is also an included user guide to introduce you to the game strategies.

The card counting methods are undeniably simple and can be done by beginners if only they apply themselves to the game. You can quickly master the program and enjoy the amazing benefits. All you need to do is just download the program and then buy a registration code. It is necessary to register so that the settings that you have made will not reset.