Blackjack Analyzer

Do you know about Statistical Blackjack Analyzer? This is a fantastic simulation tool for learning and skills development. It has become the standard for simulation.

Understanding the analyzer

Here are some of the amazing features of the program:

  • Simulations are very fast and massive. You can do billions in just 15 minutes.
  • This program has a secondary counting system for bets and playing
  • There is also the Ace side count and you can combine the side count for Ace with the secondary count.
  • This also has an generator for precise strategies. A; you have to do is input the counting system and the rules. Then the program will find the various indexes that you need and you can run the simulations. There are even some indexes that are dependent on composition and there are also generators for an fraction and can really handle a lot of calculations in minutes.
  • There are also indexes that are risk averse. This is a fantastic feature that is extremely useful and it can be very helpful in improving your game play. This will make measures of the performance and is also helps in making right strategies. There is also the index for maximizing the expectations. Of course the index is not optimal and it requires you to be aware of the risks so that you will see loopholes and other aspects.
  • No matter how many rounds and the number of shoes or even the number of the playing sessions, you can set the program. In just one simulation, you can even run billions of rounds.
  • Getting the full version of the program is a fantastic option. It includes an electronic reference so that you can really understand the various aspects of the game and make the right bets and minimize the risks and improve performance.